A symbol of freedom, purity, healing and unity…

The unicorn is an enchanting and mythological creature, long believed to have magical powers but also known for its fierce nature and universal beauty. It is known to be mysterious and difficult to capture or tame. In Chinese mythology it harms no creature, and its presence is considered a good omen. Interestingly, an animal once so traditionally male is now often portrayed as female.

Unicorns are usually depicted with a spiral horn, a collar and broken chain, proving they have freed themselves from bondage and cannot be taken again.

The magical powers of unicorns are legendary. Unicorn horns are said to be harder than diamonds while unicorn tears have the power to heal physical wounds and sorrows of the heart. Unicorns have captured our hearts and imaginations for centuries and they have emerged as a symbol of freedom, purity, healing and unity, which embodies the Magical Unicorn Project.

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