Magical unicorn roars for women

by Neil Sharma

The Magical Unicorn Project officially launched today in a bid to help women empower, not just in the mortgage industry, but in society at large.

Started by Kyra Wong, a district vice president at Manulife, the Magical Unicorn Project endeavours to assist women overcome adversity and what she calls an emotional glass ceiling, or a self-limiting belief system. Moreover, Magical Unicorn shines a bright light on men who do their part to change social attitudes and help women unlock their full potential.

However, as Wong tells it, adversity is the single largest obstacle in the way of more women and greatness. She overcame it, and believes other women can, too.

“I’ve had significant adversity in my life,” Wong told “I lost my parents at a young age and grew up with pretty much no support system, aside from one younger sister I had in my life. So I really had to navigate all of life’s challenges by myself and had a number of setbacks along the way, but I always chose to accept adversity and use it as an opportunity to advance, and grow, and become better, so when I speak about these things, they come from a place of experience.”

Wong has received nothing but positive feedback from within and without the mortgage industry, which she says will feature prominently in Unicorn activities.

One of them will be an interview series with three categories—leading ladies, go givers, and supporting men—featuring inspiring stories from an array of guest speakers, like CEOs, politicians and chief economists.

Magical Unicorn adherents are encouraged to live a life of “S.P.A.R.K.L.E.,”—speak, positivity, adversity, rise, kudos, love, express—a concept inspired by Robin Sharma and Darren Hardy. Not limited to women, there’s also a component of the Magical Unicorn Project to help children actualize their ambitions.

“I hope that more people are living with higher consciousness and awareness, and that there will be more women empowering women and that there will be more men helping empower women,” she said. “I’m encouraging everyone to live a life of S.P.A.R.K.L.E., which is the acronym within the project that describes an approach to living life that will ultimately help create a joyful, happy and successful life.”

Pointing to both leading women and supportive men in the industry, Wong is raring to go.

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