Let’s Begin Shaping the World of Tomorrow Together

If you’re a visible minority, you’re likely much more aware of the fact that it’s tough to find a role model who looks like you. And if you’re a visible minority AND a woman, chances are you really get it.

We need more women of every age, creed, colour, religion, sexual orientation… to put themselves out there to achieve their wildest dreams and aspirations so that our future little girls always have someone like them to look up to and aspire to be. And we need all the men who love and respect us to help propel us towards this success.

I came across Attack of the Unicorns, which inspired this blog, as it posed the question, What do you want the world of tomorrow to look like? (PS – the original blog is really worth a read, as it’s written by a man who’s a fabulous advocate for women!)

Here’s an except from the post I found especially powerful: Nearly all of us celebrate the dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and the global reach of the Internet, but what are we doing in our front-facing businesses to encourage diverse role models and ideas? For every Top 10 Most Successful list on the web, there’s a young woman or person of colour wondering if that world includes them. If they should even try their hand at entrepreneurship, or aerospace engineering, or public speaking. The stage is set. You’re the director of this movie. Who will you cast in your videos/stock photos/leading roles? You could go with the easy, available choice. Or you could innovate and take a chance on a unicorn.

We all know a unicorn – a woman who has gone above and beyond to make her dreams come true despite the odds. Let’s celebrate her. And we’re all responsible for helping shape future unicorns by being brave and supportive – and setting the course for up-and-coming generations!

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