CMP Hall of Fame 2019

A 25-year industry veteran, Kyra Wong started her career at age 18 as a receptionist for a mortgage company. After completing her post-secondary education, she became a licensed mortgage broker and began specializing in alternative financing. Wong’s priorities changed after the birth of her son in 2004, prompting her to switch gears and accept a position on the insurance side of the business.

In 2006, Wong attained the insurance business of a new company entering the mortgage space: Dominion Lending Centres. After years of skyrocketing sales results, she was promoted to national sales director and began running DLC’s insurance program. By 2017, DLC had grown substantially and made two acquisitions along the way, becoming Manulife’s largest account in the creditor insurance space. Wong was promoted, once again, to district vice president, nationally overseeing the insurance business for the entire DLC group of companies.

In 2018, Wong felt compelled to do more to help others succeed and created the Magical Unicorn Project, which focuses on challenging the status quo within the financial industry by championing gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Her goal is to help support the advancement of women and minorities in leadership roles by shining a light on darkness to smash through glass ceilings of inequality.

An intrapreneur, best-selling author, blogger and keynote speaker, Wong was named a Woman of Influence by CMP in 2015, 2016 and 2018. She was also nominated as a Woman of Distinction at the Canadian Mortgage Awards in 2019 and received the 2019 WIMI Ambassador Award.

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